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every thing I can drew

2008-05-06 21:15:03 by hitnan

All in the life is not madness if you liked this image tell to your friends ;) lol

every thing I can drew


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2008-05-06 21:32:07

wat??????? i dont get it...
:( i feel stuid

hitnan responds:

HE is a fucking assassin he have two machetes I was trying to make the game but...


2008-05-06 21:39:24

I like that picture.

hitnan responds:

thanks bro- says jesus


2008-05-07 07:04:48

good draw

hitnan responds:

tell to yours friends


2008-05-07 17:26:19

i meant the fuckin sayin thing or watever that says above your pic

hitnan responds:

I was thinging you was a man and if you don´t untherstand something is because I´m an argentinian


2008-05-08 06:54:26

Hey check out my page I have a hilarious video there!

hitnan responds:

funny yor videos


2008-05-29 13:02:16

whats so good about a good drawn fucked,up assassin with machetes?