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2008-02-05 14:32:33 by hitnan

I have ideas for madness the protagonist call him tim and I draw his dead



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2008-02-06 10:27:52

All I get its you did a character called Tim.

hitnan responds:

yea tell ideas and find me more fans


2008-02-06 11:30:05

Dude, Krinkels isn't just going to use someones idea. He's probably got it all planned anyway.

Make your own, or don't do anything at all.

Oh, and lol @ hitnan!

hitnan responds:

then fuck you Anyway I have 11 ideas for tim eleven videos yea I have ideas


2008-02-06 15:39:50

sweet u should put that on ur homework and ur teacher can sell it and give u 100%
for the year lol :)

hitnan responds:

ha ha ha ha lol


2008-02-09 03:12:05

NO, Hitnan, telling a famous author to use your ideas doesn't work.

And swearing at me shows what kind of barn you were raised in.

Same as before:
Make your own, or don't do anything at all.


2008-02-09 19:50:36

this is a pretty good idea, why dont you make them yourself?

hitnan responds:

because this is my IDEA


2008-02-10 16:45:24

Could be good but Im not quite sure what the animations are about, please explain also have a look at my drawings on my User page say what you think ^^


2008-02-16 08:59:23

well, if ur so awesomely fucking good then send in some animation!

hitnan responds:

It´s in work lol


2008-02-17 13:39:48

lol. good thinking... noone has ever used the name "Tim" in madness lol


2008-02-20 22:59:43

If you have these crappy ideas why don't you use them yourself? Stop botherin' people on the Comment area of each flash.


2008-02-26 12:27:24

dude i'm gonna make a collab of alot of peoples ideas.animations by me and if somebody wants sent ideas or animtions.U too hitnan


2008-03-02 09:38:40

That's stupid. His ideas are G-A-Y. Understand? He draws that stuff in MSPaint.

hitnan responds:

I draw that on flash


2008-03-06 22:38:50

Liar. Stop commenting gay crap on other Tribute's response areas.

hitnan responds:

but I see your ideas and they are nice


2008-05-05 15:32:02


(Updated ) hitnan responds:

no is the caracter :/